Month: July 2018

Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll Water

Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll Water

Chlorophyll is the molecule that traps sunlight and transforms energy through photosynthesis. It also gives plants their green color. Plants use chlorophyll and light to make food. Green plants and algae are high in chlorophyll, for example: – wheatgrass (70% chlorophyll) – spinach (23.7 mg […]

How to make Rose Water & Why Roses are High Vibrational

How to make Rose Water & Why Roses are High Vibrational

WHY ROSES ARE THE HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL PLANT Roses have been popular throughout time on earth, known for symbolizing love, passion, and romance. But roses are also the highest vibrational plant measured by man. Albert Einstein’s equation E=mc2 has shown us that all life emits vibrational […]

How to Make Vegan “Meat” / Whole Foods Plant Based

How to Make Vegan “Meat” / Whole Foods Plant Based

This recipe is meant to mimic minced meat, or ground beef. It could work as a topping for spaghetti, filling for lasagna or pastitso, or be the meat for tacos. It is made to be a spaghetti sauce and doesn’t have the texture to be rolled into meat balls or patties, but I’m sure if you added some flour and experimented you could. Add and change things as you like, I do every time. This is how I make it almost every time though!


– 2 handfuls/1 paper tin of white mushrooms

– equal parts raw walnuts, unsalted and unroasted

– 1 large can or 2 8oz. canned tomatoes

– 2 tbsp olive oil or water

– 1 small to medium onion

– 3-4 garlic cloves (add more if you’re like me)

– 1 bay leaf

– Salt, pepper, dried basil, dried parsley, *cinnamon, *paprika

*not needed to get that italian meat sauce flavor, but how I like to do it.



– Dice up your onion and garlic cloves

– Sautee the onion and garlic in olive oil or water (if you’re oil free)

– While that’s cooking, add walnuts, mushrooms, and canned tomatoes into a food processor or blender, in that order

– Pulse, while stirring the mix around, until some chunks are left

– Add this sauce to the pan once the onions are translucent

– Add the bay leaf and bring the sauce to a boil

– Add spices, use your intuition. You can always add more but not less.

– Bring to a simmer, let cook for at least 10 minutes. The longer you cook pasta sauce, the more flavorful it gets. Add water as it cooks if you want to do a 30-45 minute yummy sauce!

While this is simmering you can prepare your pasta, rice, taco toppings, or whatever else you want to eat with this.

My favorite way to eat this vegan meat is over brown rice pasta with a homemade vegan cashew cheese on top. Let me know how you like the flavor and texture of this recipe! I was inspired by @newearthmama’s cooking on Instagram and kind of created this with my intuition, her food is always so bomb.