How to make Rose Water & Why Roses are High Vibrational

How to make Rose Water & Why Roses are High Vibrational


Roses have been popular throughout time on earth, known for symbolizing love, passion, and romance. But roses are also the highest vibrational plant measured by man. Albert Einstein’s equation E=mc2 has shown us that all life emits vibrational frequencies and everything is essentially energy in different vibrational forms.

Slow vibrating things are in solid forms. Moderately vibrating things are in liquid form. The fastest vibrating things are in air or gaseous form. The subtle biological energy that flows through all living things, which is called “chi” in Traditional Chinese Medicine, can be measured in Hertz. Hertz is a measurement of vibrational frequency.

So, every living creature is made up of its own vibration. Our environments, our food, our body care products, even our thoughts can either raise or lower our vibration and affect our overall health.


A healthy human body resonates between 62-78Hz. But roses have the highest measured frequency of any plant measured by man so far! For example, most frequencies of plants that are made into essential oils are 52Hz or more. Rose oil was measured to emanate the highest vibration, at 320Hz! Spraying rose on you and in your home can refresh you and make your energy more clear. Ingesting it is like literally putting high vibrational love into your body. You are what you eat!


What you need –

– about 1-2 handfuls of organic dried rose petals

– distilled water

– 3oz spray bottle (to follow TSA standards)

– glass jar

Method –

  1. Purchase organic dried rose petals from a local store.
  2. Cover the bottom of a pot with rose petals.
  3. Fill with distilled or filtered water until the petals come off the bottom of the pot.
  4. Bring water to a boil, then let simmer.
  5. When roses have lost their color, strain using a tea leaf strainer or nut milk bag.
  6. Store in a glass jar in the fridge, for up to a week.
  7. Transfer into a small spray bottle*

*To add even more of a high-vibrational love frequency to this beauty spray, add a tiny rose quartz in to your spray bottle. Before spritzing, shake up the bottle and activate the rose water with rose quartz to infuse it with mama earth’s love.


  1. Toner

Use toner after you wash your face, but before you moisturize or do a facial. It helps remove excess dirt from your pores that soap can’t. Use cotton pads and dab on skin.

  1. Hydrating spray

I like to bring rose water everywhere I go in my purse. If you put it in a 3oz bottle, you can travel with it to freshen up wherever you go. It also prevents dry skin we may experience on planes from the air conditioning!

  1. Add to your tea.

Pour some into your tea for some added flavor, antioxidants, and high-vibrational love.

  1. Add to your bath.

Feel luxurious with a hydrating natural bath bomb. Add some rose petals to make it really romantic.

  1. As a moisturizer.

Combine 3 tbsp rose water, 1 tbsp vegetable glycerin, and 1 tbsp cold-pressed coconut oil into a small jar. Shake and apply to skin for a natural moisturizer. If you use fractionated coconut oil, aka “liquid coconut oil,” it will never harden. Use another type of oil if your skin doesn’t respond well to coconut oil.


  1. Balances pH of your skin

Our skin falls between 4.5-6.2pH, making our skin slightly acidic. Rose water has a 5.5pH, which helps bring your skin back to normal.

  1. Helps remove excess oils to prevent acne

In addition to the pH balancing properties, rose water can help reduce future breakouts by cleaning pores.

  1. Cleans, hydrates, and tightens skin.

It is known that toners can dry out your skin. But toners without alcohol and that are naturally derived actually hydrates skin and lips.

  1. Reduce puffiness

Rose water is high in Vitamin C and A, giving it anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Put on two cotton pads, and let sit under eyes while you’re doing a facial for some extra pampering.

  1. Good and safe for sensitive skin.

Using organic facial products keeps pesticides off our face and the environment healthier with no chemical runoff! With just roses and water, you can feel safe knowing what is going on your skin. There are no side effects to rose water!

  1. Anti-aging properties

Rose water’s high antioxidant profile fights free radicals on our skin from pollution, too much sun, harsh chemicals, toxic foods and so much more. Why worry about expensive anti-aging products when you can basically spray rose tea onto your skin for super cheap?! These properties, along with rose water’s cooling effect, can also help heal sunburns.