Organic. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Reusable. Natural. Homemade sunscreen.

I make sunscreen from coconut oil and red raspberry seed oil. Making this sunscreen instead of buying from the store minimizes your waste and plastic use because you can reuse your jar.

I get my coconut oil in bulk from Costco because it’s the highest quality for the lowest price I can find. It lasts me about six months and I use coconut oil for everything. I get red raspberry seed oil from Amazon or my local health foods store. Make sure to try to recycle or repurpose your containers when you’re done with them.

This natural sunscreen is best for people that already have a tan or naturally have an olive skin tone or darker. You can add more than two ingredients if you want I just like to keep it simple. (Just remember SPF is not cumulative.)

But why do I use red raspberry seed oil?

A study done in 2001 by Food Chemistry found that raspberry seed oil offers sun protection similar to titanium dioxide with a 28-50 SPF protection factor against UVB rays and 8 SPF against UVA rays.  Raspberry seed oil is also known to help with eczema, psoriasis, and prevent stretch marks.

I prefer using red raspberry seed oil over carrot seed oil because carrot seed oil has an orange color. Raspberry seed oil is clear.


  • Carrot seed oil — SPF of 38-40; anti-oxidant rich = anti-aging on skin; moisturizing
  • Jojoba oil — SPF of 4; rich in Vitamin A + E; great for your face because it’s chemical structure closely resembles the natural oils of our skin, or sebum; anti-inflammatory; fades scars
  • Coconut oil – SPF of 4-5; anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory; moisturizing; helps heal scars; good for tattoos

Make sure you get organic, cold pressed oils for your skin as well.

Organic – because I don’t want to put pesticides on my skin.

Cold pressed – because it retains its beneficial properties.


– Get ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED coconut oil and red raspberry seed oil.

– Fill the majority of the jar with coconut oil

– Put at least 20 drops of red raspberry seed oil into the jar.

– Screw on lid and shake it up if it’s partially melted. Stir with a spoon if the coconut oil is solid.

Getting sunshine is crucial so our bodies can produce melatonin, serotonin, and be healthy. But just because these oils have SPF doesn’t mean they necessarily protect you from sun damage. Spending all day in the sun on a hot day will damage your skin over the long term, especially if you have a low tolerance to the sun.

Zinc oxide is a backup option for all day hikes or when you want to surf for the whole day. Also if you have genetically pale skin, it’s probably best to get a mineral sunscreen from the store with zinc oxide and some of the oils listed above as well.

Keeping your face and shoulders out of the sun, never spending too much time in it, and making sure you’re never red is the best way to keep your skin healthy if you enjoy the sun like me.